When should I start toilet training my child?

The answer you want to hear to this question is; ‘as early as possible’ – thereby cutting down on the expense and hassle of nappies. However, the real answer should be ‘when your child is ready’.


And how do you know this? Well, between the ages of 2 and 3, most children are suggestive to toileting and will adapt quite quickly. You may notice that their nappies are dry in the morning, this indicates that physically a child’s muscles can hold their urine for an extended amount of time. They will also recognise the physical signs of needing to go to the toilet, they may tell you if they are able or hold themselves, patting their nappy. 


Children may figure out how to have a bowel movement before they learn to urinate in the potty consistently because it's harder for them to delay urination.


The video below from the NHS provides a useful guide to toileting



Toilet Training in Nursery

You may feel the time has come or your child’s key worker may have initiated the conversation either way the procedure within the setting will be the same.

To begin with your child will be sat on the toilet at each nappy change. When they are beginning to get the hang of using the potty you will be encouraged to bring your child into the setting with pants and the time they spend in these will be gradually increased.

Praise and encouragement will be given and open communication with you will be upheld at all times

We encourage you to continue with the toilet training at home, sitting your child on the toilet/potty at set times such as after breakfast and before their bath. 



What to bring in:

  • Toilet wipes –as these can be flushed away unlike baby wipes.
  • Plenty of spare clothes including pants and socks as accidents will happen.
  • Elasticated trousers/leggings – These are easy to pull up and down, avoid popper vests and dungarees as well as trousers and jeans with buttons.
  • Plastic wipe able shoes – jelly shoes or crocs are ideal.


Remember at home there are less distractions for your child so if they have a few extra accidents at Nursery brush them aside and continue with what you are doing.

Even if you delay training, or your child just isn’t willing at first, sooner or later they will naturally copy what other children are doing – so don’t worry!