Frequently asked questions and what to expect when attending Kangaroo Pouch Nurseries:

Kangaroo Pouch nurseries are fully committed to working in partnership with parents/carers. As a parent/carer, you will naturally want to be confident that your child sees the care we provide as an extension of the care and support your child receives at home. We actively encourage our staff to listen to yourselves and to share with you the experiences your child has encountered whilst in our care.

There will be many questions you want answers to before sending your child to one of our nurseries or whilst your child attends with us. We hope this guide will answer any questions you may have.


What are the pouch values?

All staff at Kangaroo Pouch follow our Pouch Values to ensure that children receive childcare of the highest quality. Our staff are

Passionate about childcare,

Follow Outstanding practices,

Work in Unity with each other to deliver an exceptional service,

Take a Child-centred approach to care and learning,

And have High Expectations for both themselves and the children.


How do I register my child at a setting?

Call the nursery directly or visit the nursery to register your child. The nursery manager will take your details and contact you when there is a place available for your child


Where can I read the most recent Ofsted reports?

Please click on the link of your chosen setting to read more about the Ofsted report.


Hateley Heath:


Great Bridge:

Brierley Hill:





What qualifications do staff hold?

Our staff hold various qualifications such as level 3 childcare and education, Early years degrees, teaching degrees, first aid certificates, child protection, special educational needs and management training. We pride ourselves in supporting apprenticeships and our apprenticeships are working towards level 2 and level 3 childcare courses.


When is the nursery open?

Each nursery will have various opening hours, please contact the nursery directly to find this out.


What happens when my child starts?

You and your child will be invited to the nursery to an induction. On your first induction session, you will be required to fill in registration forms and All About Me Books alongside your child’s new key worker.  The nursery manager will inform you of what identification we will need to see. We will then organise a number of setting in sessions for your child to explore and engage in their new environment.


What is a keyworker?

We follow a key-person approach. A key person is the member of staff that will support your child’s development and learning, work closely with yourselves as parents/carers and ensure your child’s welfare and emotional needs are being met.  They will ensure that the child has a sense of security within the setting and build a strong and trusting relationship with them.  They will be the key bridge in supporting links from nursery to home. You will be informed of your child’s key person before attending the first settling in session. The key person will also produce observations and assessments which will be uploaded to ParentZone for you to see.


What is a settling in session?

A settling in session will be arranged after your child has got a space at your chosen nursery. You will bring them in for short sessions and allow them to get a feel of the nursery and explore their new surroundings. You will be required to stay for a short period of time until your child feels relaxed and wants to explore the setting. Settling in sessions including the durations, will be booked in by the manager at your chosen setting.


What types of activities will my child do?

Your child will enjoy a variety of activities that will support learning and development across the 7 areas of the Early year’s curriculum. These may include things such as sensory play; including shaving foam, sand, water, cornflour, mathematical activities and games, stories and story making, creative activities such as play dough, model making, construction, role-play with small world figures and dolls, dressing up, using technology, exploring the outdoor environment, physical activities, learning about various cultures etc. The nursery may also take your children on trips and outings to explore the local community. If the nursery does this, consent prior to the trip will be asked of you and a form will need to be signed. If there is a cost to these trips, you will be informed prior to the trip.


What is the Early Years Foundation Stage?

The Early years Foundation stage is the curriculum of development that all nurseries and early years settings follow. There are 7 areas of the EYFS in total, and as early years practitioners we must ensure children are making progress in each area. For more information and guidance of how to support your child’s learning and development, please see:


What am I expected to bring when my child starts nursery?

We recommend the following:

Joeys (0-2 Years)

Wallaroos/Kangaroos (2-5 years)


Nappies/wipes/cream if needed. Cream to be unopened and sealed.

Wet Wipes

Spare change of clothes

Nappy Cream – unopened and sealed

Outside clothing e.g coat, hat, scarf, gloves – appropriate to the weather

Feeding bottle/unopened Formula (if required)


Comforter (if required)

Toilet wipes

Teething powder unopened and sealed (if required)


Spare changes of clothes


Outside clothing e.g coat, hat, scarf, gloves – appropriate to the weather





Nappies/wipes/cream can be stored at nursery in your child’s individual Basket. Please consider weather conditions when providing clothes for your child. In hot weather children will need a suitable sun hat and we will ensure children are protected with sun cream. Please ensure that your child’s clothes and belongings are clearly labelled with their name.


What will my child eat?

At our settings, we provide children with nutritious and wholesome food. We cater for individual needs and special dietary requirements for all of our children. All our staff hold a current food safety certificate at Level 2. Fresh water is provided throughout the day and milk is also provided during snack times.

All of our settings have been visited by the Food Standard Agency and have been awarded Food hygiene ratings. Please see individual nursery pages for current food hygiene ratings.


How will I know what my child has done during the day?

During handover at collection period, your child’s Key-person or a Key-person support will let you know what we have enjoyed doing today. We also use an app called iConnect, which feeds into another app called ParentZone, you will be invited to register for ParentZone, during your child’s induction period. On here, staff will upload any meals, nappy changes, clothes changes which will be sent to you on a daily basis. You will also get frequent observations of your child, linking to the seven areas of learning and a developmental assessment 3 times a year.  During your child’s induction period, your child’s key worker will support you with ParentZone and how to use it. We also hold two parent consultations a year where you are invited in to the nursery to discuss your child’s development.


What ratios do you adhere to?

We follow the Early Years statutory framework and Ofsted recommended ratio and ensure that we adhere to them at all times.

Children under 2:1 staff member to 3 children

Children aged 2:1 staff member to 4 children

Children aged 3:1 staff member to 8 children


What if my child is ill?

If your child has sickness or diarrhoea then they must not attend nursery until 48 hours after the last symptom has occurred. If your child is prescribed a course of antibiotics, we ask that you administer the first dose yourself, either at nursery or at home. If your child has a temperature when they wake up, please monitor and make a best judgement whether your child will cope with a day at nursery.  If your child has a rash, we recommend that you get this checked by a doctor. If your child will require one to one care, then they will be best looked after at home.  We follow the public health guidelines on controlling infection. More information can be found here for exclusion periods.


What if my child requires medication during the day?

If your child requires medication during the day, you will need to inform staff when you drop your child off. You will be required to fill in a medication form and sign it before you leave, telling us the name of the medication, the reason for the medication, dosage and what times your child requires it. We will calculate the next dosage using the instructions on the prescription label or instructions detailed. Prescription medication will be administered for the duration detailed on the prescription label. On collection, you will be required to sign the medication form. We will administer over the counter paracetamol if you provide the nursery with a sealed and unopened bottle from any well-known British supermarket or chemist. With your permission, we will also administer well-known over the counter teething powders in accordance with the guidelines outlined on the box. Children on long term medication such as inhalers or allergy medicine will be required to leave medicine at nursery and complete a Health plan with their key-person. We will review any health care plans regularly by asking you to provide us with information from the GP or Nurse, to ensure we are following the correct guidelines in administering the medication to your child.


What if my child develops a temperature during the day?

Your child will be closely monitored and their temperature taken at regular intervals. If you have provided us with a bottle of paracetamol, we will administer this once if your child’s temperature is 38 degrees or over. We will call you for verbal consent before we administer this. If your child’s condition does not improve, we will call you to collect your child as soon as possible.



We require you to let us know whether your child will not be attending their usual session on the morning of the absence.  Please do this by contacting the nursery directly and letting us know why your child will be absent. Your child’s attendance will be recorded on our data base for monitoring purposes.


What if my child hurts themselves at nursery?

If your child hurts themselves at nursery, first aid will be provided. All staff are suitably qualified to deal with paediatric first aid. A staff member will complete an accident form stating what has happened, injury including size and treatment given. This will be uploaded to your ParentZone. On collection of your child, you will be asked to sign that you have acknowledged the accident form. For any bigger accidents that we cannot deal with, we will consult professional advise through 999 or 101 and will keep you up to date through this process.

If your child is involved in an incident such as injuring another or purposely breaking something, an incident form will be completed and shared with you on collection. We follow a positive behaviour management policy to deal with and support challenging behaviours.


How do you prepare my child for school?

We feed into a variety of local schools. We liaise with the school teachers to ensure we are providing the children with the correct knowledge and skills to start their school year.  At the end of the school year, we will complete a final assessment on your child and a transfer record which will be shared with school. We share information with the school to ensure that your child has a smooth transition into the next stage of their education. Information shared includes any information on learning and additional needs, where the child is at developmentally, attendance and if there have been any safeguarding concerns.


What if I cannot collect my child from nursery?

If you are unable to collect your child from nursery, you will need to inform the nursery of who will be collecting. Whilst registering your child, you will be asked to include named emergency contact details, who are able to collect your child along with a password.  If the person collecting has never been before, we will require a full name, photographic identification and a password.  If someone comes to collect your child and the nursery is unaware of who they are, we will call you straight away to confirm the above details.  You will be required to keep us up to date with your contact details and phone numbers.


Late arrivals

The sessions for our nurseries run at various times, however generally our registration opening hours are 7:30am until 6pm. If your child has a funded place, your chosen nursery will provide you with the session times. If you are late collecting your child, there may be a late fee charged at £1 for every minute you are late. Please call us if you know you will be late to collect your child or alternatively organise for someone else to collect and let us know as soon as possible. Lateness can be unsettling and upsetting for children so it is important to collect on time.


How do I know my child will be kept safe?

At Kangaroo Pouch safeguarding is of paramount importance to us and an aspect that is highly regulated by Ofsted and the local authorities. All staff undergo safeguarding training every year and we have a Designated Safeguarding Person at every setting who audits all of our safeguarding procedures. These procedures include everything from recruiting staff, greeting visitors at the door, ensuring passwords are in use to making sure the equipment is safe to use. All of us have responsibilities in this area and the best form of safeguarding for children is combined vigilance at all times. Visitors who are attending our nursery including prospective parents and professionals must show us photographic identification before being let into the nursery and play rooms. If you have any concerns or issues then please speak with the Nursery Manager in the first instance.


Do you offer 2-year-old funded places?

We accept two and three-year-old funding. We ask for proof of eligibility for two-year olds. All three-year olds will gain funding automatically. We will print a form off each term and ask you to complete it for us. If you need support with online forms, please ask our nursery manager.


Do you offer 30 hours funded nursery places for 3 year olds?

Yes, we do, you will need to apply online and provide us with a code. For more information please see


My child has additional needs – can you accommodate them?

We operate within the terms of our Equality and Inclusion policy. Children with a wide variety of needs have attended Kangaroo Pouch over the years. We will make adjustments to our operations to help children fit in. We ourselves, are able to support parents with advice, but can also support with referrals to outside agencies and professionals such as speech and language therapists. If you have any concerns with your child’s development, please let us know. The earlier we know, the quicker we can help. If we have any concerns, we will also discuss them with you.


My child is starting potty training. Can you help with this?

Yes, we strive to help in all areas of your child’s development and will take it at your child’s pace. We will follow your routine from home as close as possible and keep you updated on a daily basis. We do recommend that during toilet training, you supply extra changes of clothes in your child’ bag in case of accidents. Please also ask for our Toilet Training support sheet, which will provide you with support at home.


Can I use my phone while I’m collecting my child?

Please don’t feel offended if we ask you turn your phone off. We have a strict no phone policy in our nurseries. Mobile phones, cameras or recording equipment (including smart watches) must not be used within the setting. If you have a call, please take it outside.