Now children are in a bigger and more challenging world and their curiosity is at an all-time high. Our room is bright and spacious, allowing children to explore boundaries, while developing their confidence, self-image and independence.


Social and Emotional Development

·         This is the age that Wallaroos start learning about relationships.

·         They may play with each other for short periods of time, but cannot share.

·         They often copy what adults do e.g. dressing up.


Physical Development

·         Wallaroos become more confident with their physical abilities.

·         They love to run and climb and test the limits, so bumps and falls are common.

·         Children at this age can climb up and down stairs, kick a ball, jump, and get undressed.


      Developing Understanding

·         Wallaroos try to understand how the world works.

·         Simple explanations to their questions can help.

·         2-3 year olds will enjoy some make believe play.


Language Development

·         At 2 children can start naming simple things and follow simple instructions.

·         By 3, the Wallaroos can start saying short sentences and learn to follow more complex instructions.