A room that is designed around nurturing, growth and fun, we see tiny babies turn into energetic chattering toddlers in front of our eyes. Developing a child’s natural curiosity by giving them opportunities to explore and experiment with the world around them.


      Intellectual Development

  • This is the age that our Joeys learn to explore, mainly using their hands and mouth.
  • Your child will learn how to use everyday objects, such as spoons and cups.
  • Vocabulary increases by the age of 2 to about 50 words, and children will be able to use 2 or 3 word sentences.

   Physical Development

  • Your child’s physical attributes will increase massively during the first 2 years. 
  • By six months your child will begin to roll and sit.
  • Eventually Joey's will be able to crawl and walk while holding furniture.
  • At 1 year old a child can typically walk 2-3 steps without assistance.
  • By 2 years old, children begin to run and walk up and down stairs assisted.

Social Development

  • Imitation of facial expressions and a social smile develop by 3 months.
  • Children will begin to babble, which will eventually lead to using simple words and phrases.
  • Joeys will start playing in parallel (near another child, but not with them).

     Emotional Development

  • In this age group, crying is a major means of communication when needs are not being met.
  • Smiling and giggling are used when your Joey wants more of something.