Hello and welcome to our nurseries. Kangaroo Pouch is a special name that was born out of my personal journey.

I was so excited when I found out I was pregnant, until my waters broke at 29 weeks. As a first time mother this was a terrifying and frightening experience.

My premature baby girl was born too small and too soon. Nothing can prepare you for the wires, the lights, the incubator and the sheer fear of, not knowing if you will ever take your baby home.

My precious baby girl was fighting for her life, from the day she was born, all I wanted to do was hold her.

I will never forget holding her tiny body next to mine, through a special technique called “Kangaroo Care”.

Kangaroo care turned a life and death situation around and my baby was not only surviving but also thriving. So there you have it, the name Kangaroo Pouch was born out of providing the very best and all-encompassing care for babies and infants. Here at Kangaroo Pouch our foremost commitment is to deliver a childcare service of the highest quality with a firm commitment to children’s safeguarding, learning through play and development.

 Anita Patel Sahota, Nursery Proprietor